core areas

Manufacturing industrial partnerships

At REMCO we aim to be a one-stop-shop center in all our sectors of focus. This is why we have partnerships also referred to as dealerships with different national and international factories. For materials and machinery that we don’t produce, we partner with these factories and industries to be their local representatives. In the partnership, our teams receive training (both […]

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Engineering support services

We have 3 major engineering support services : Supply and installation of specialized equipment and machines When a client makes a purchase of our products, we make sure that we supply the products and help in the installation in their given industries. Our engineers ensure the proper assembly of spare parts as well as the interconnection of the materials where […]

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Manufacturing is our main area. We apply it in different types of engineering to change raw materials into finished and semi-finished products (which may be sold to create other or more complex finished products). We produce machinery that applies in different sectors that we specialize in. We also sell these to wholesalers who sell them to retailers who in their […]

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