Grain Dryers

Grain dryers to ensure a fast and safe drying process on every kind of cereal.

Description Unit Parameter
Diameter (m) 2,28
Capacity (mc) 13,5
Capacity (t) specific weigth 0,75t/cm t/cm 7,5
Cylinder height with telescopic down, without top tube/with top tube down (m) 3,83/4,38
Height in work position without aspirator/ same with aspirator (m) 5,25/5,65
Discharge height without chute/with chute (m) 4,18
Single electric motor power (Kw) 22
Tractor nominal power (Kw) 540rpm (Kw) 25
burner power min-max (Kw) 155-485
Burner models (Diesel/Lpg) RL44/RS44


Agricultural machines are specially designed equipment used in farming and agricultural operations to perform various tasks efficiently. These machines help automate and streamline agricultural processes, increasing productivity and reducing manual labor. Additionally, spare parts are essential components that are used to replace worn-out or damaged parts of agricultural machines, ensuring their continued functionality.