Grain Dryers

Grain dryers to ensure a fast and safe drying process on every kind of cereal.

Description Unit Parameter
Diameter (m) 2,28
Capacity (mc) 13,5
Capacity (t) specific weigth 0,75t/cm t/cm 7,5
Cylinder height with telescopic down, without top tube/with top tube down (m) 3,83/4,38
Height in work position without aspirator/ same with aspirator (m) 5,25/5,65
Discharge height without chute/with chute (m) 4,18
Single electric motor power (Kw) 22
Tractor nominal power (Kw) 540rpm (Kw) 25
burner power min-max (Kw) 155-485
Burner models (Diesel/Lpg) RL44/RS44