Emergency Stretcher on Trolley

● 2 sectional mattress base
● Overall dimensions (LxW): 1910x735mm
● Height shall be hydaulicaly adjustable by foot: 560-
● Back section with gas-spring assisted: 0-70 degree
● Matress with thickness of 20mm
● Oxygen bottle holder of 5l
● Minimum Capacity of the strecher: 200Kg
● Castors: 4 swivel, antistatic, metallic rubber castors or
polymer, 2 with brakes: Dia 150mm
● Gas spring assisted adjustment
● Meshed plastic basket for patient clothes storage
during transport



Hospital furniture refers to the various types of furniture and equipment used in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. These pieces of furniture are designed to meet the specific needs of patients, healthcare professionals, and the overall functioning of the healthcare environment.